K2View TDM: Test Data Management

Because your DevOps testing should be agile, too.

K2View TDM: Higher quality test data with better security—in far less time

Performs 1000x Faster than Traditional TDM

Speed time to market by drastically reducing test duration and environment setup, with provisioning time in minutes, not days or weeks.

Eliminates Redundant Test Environments

Reduce infrastructure costs and associated maintenance and support resource requirements by eliminating the need for redundant test environments

Zero Impact on Current Systems and Operations

No longer limit access to or bog down production systems for invasive, time-consuming batch refreshes to your testing environments.

Shorten time-to-market by eliminating what’s cumbersome, expensive & slow about testing

Stores and retrieves data based on business logic

K2View TDM lets you model your test data to meet your business needs, not those of the source applications. And your testing apps can access the data in milliseconds to shorten the time your testing cycles take to complete.

Continuous data sourcing from ANY source

With K2View TDM’s micro-database design, most any data source—traditional RDBMS, big data warehouses/lake, flat files, web services, cloud apps and more—can be integrated and continuously updated to your testing data.

Central, efficient masking, modification, and generation of data

With K2View TDM, you can access and automatically subset your data “in the wild” without massive bulk copying, set up automatic masking, transformations, and validation rules. That means your test data is always current and in the form you need it.

Simple, secure, and fast access to quality testing data

Using our patented micro-database approach, K2View TDM gives you full 360° views of individual customers and entities to be tested, in milliseconds, all in one place, and with each one secured by its own encryption key.
Blog Post

Learn Why AT&T Chose K2View TDM for Test Data Management

    Like many organizations adopting DevOps to shorten the development cycle, AT&T needed up-to-date, realistic data to test against, whenever they needed it. With an existing process to provision test data that often took weeks, the company turned to K2View and K2View TDM.
Case Study

Major U.S. Telecom Improves Speed-To-Market by 80%

Product Brief

K2View TDM


The DevOps Test Data Problem

Want better quality test data, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional TDM?