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New regulations demand notification, access, data export and data purging

Under new EU regulations, organizations that suffer a data breach must notify data protection authorities and the owners of the breached records, plus face substantial financial and legal penalties. In addition, enterprises must offer customers the option to export their data or purge it entirely from a multitude of systems.

The five key features of the regulation are pushing enterprises to think differently about their data.

  • Breach notification: mandatory where a data breach is likely to result in a risk for the right and freedom of individuals.
  • Right to access: the enterprise controlling the data shall provide a copy of the personal data, free of charge in an electronic format.
  • Right to be forgotten: entitles the data subject to have the enterprise erase his/her personal data, cease dissemination and have third parties halt processing their data.
  • Data portability: which is the right to transmit the data to another enterprise to control it.
  • Privacy by design: calls for data protection at the outset of system design, from both a technical and organizational perspective.
Infographic of K2View Fabric real time data sources

Data organized around the entity protected by GDPR

The K2View Fabric solution is tailor-made to support GDPR. When the platform is deployed with customers defined as the micro-database business entity, it uniquely enables easy delivery of the rights of individual access, portability and deletion specified by the regulations.

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How it Works

Privacy by design

The organization of data in individually-encrypted micro-databases for each business entity ensures privacy in direct support of the GDPR regulations. Also, in-memory masking on retrieval, without staging to disk, means privacy protection scales across data centers.

Breach notification

If a breach does happen, access to the affected records is always available, stored in the business entity. Security is protected down to the row level using HEKS.

Right to access

Micro-databases organized by business entity, with full SQL capabilities and Rest API, allow for the electronic distribution of personal data.

Right to be forgotten

Purge capabilities include the ability to remove an entire business entity instance while keeping source systems fully operational. Data orchestration capabilities preserve business retention rules that override GDPR.

Data portability

K2View Fabric can move data on a single customer business entity from all data sources - as a single process - to another source with a single click.

Case Study

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  • 30 day process reduced to 3 days
  • Automatic data masking and synchronization
  • No impact on production systems
  • Eliminated large amounts of manual work
White paper

Building a GDPR-compliant customer data hub that drives big digital transformation wins in the new trust economy

There’s been a lot of noise about the shift to a customer-centric business model, but GDPR essentially regulates it – and companies who embrace the opportunity to manage data in a compliant way that puts the customer at the heart can win big.