K2View Fabric Wins 451 Firestarter Award

This week, K2View Fabric was awarded the 451 Firestarter Award in Invisible Infrastructure for “tackling the challenge of real-time data integration and exposure at scale.” We’re proud to be recognized as an innovator for our approach to data management, but what makes K2View Fabric different? The answer is simple – we’ve taken a fundamentally different...
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K2View: A Story of Technology Before Hype

by Dominic Garcia, K2View Head of Marketing There’s been a little bit of buzz around K2View over the last few weeks. You may have seen our announcements regarding our new strategic partnership with Tech Mahindra, the news that we were issued a patent for a fundamentally new approach to data management, or our press release...
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A Single Patent Heralds a Fundamental Shift in Data Management—and a New Era in Enterprise Application Design

by Achi Rotem, K2View CTO  If we had it to do all over again, we’d never architect enterprise systems the way we did 20, 10, or even five years ago, especially when it comes to data management. Why not? Take a typical Fortune 500 company, for example. It might have customer data in 60 or...
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