K2View ADI: Advanced Data Integration

Leave traditional ETL solutions behind. We have.

With K2View ADI, forget long, slow and inflexible ETL data integrations.

Shorter Development and Test Cycles

Implement data integration faster, with visual validation and without complex indices and key tables, thanks to micro-database technology.

High-Performance Everything

Access 360X data in milliseconds with in-memory lookups boosted by a full orchestration suite and massive parallel processing.

Flexible Two-Way Data Synchronization

Sync data between sources and micro-databases with full, real-time control over what, when, and how often—even pause syncing when needed.

Expedite scalable, two-way data integrations with tools that make both modeling and run-time performance scream

Configure in days or weeks, not months or years

K2View ADI’s simple graphical interface and auto-discovery let you establish two-way connections between existing application datasources and patented micro-databases via microservices, without lengthy development and staging databases.

In-memory database for maximum performance

Unlike traditional extract-transform-load (ETL) approaches, K2View ADI uses a lightning-fast in-memory database to perform complex transformations and continually keep the target micro-databases up-to-date.

Minimal impact on source system performance

K2View ADI continually updates sources and target micro-databases without batch-copying massive (and instantly out-of-date) snapshots back and forth—with no disruption to your production systems.

Unlimited scalability

Unlike data warehouses and lakes which can grow exponentially as your enterprise data does, K2View’s patented micro-database approach allows for unlimited scalability without escalating storage and maintenance.
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K2View ADI


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